The Persistence of Memory | Actors Edition

The_Persistence_of_M_Cover_for_KindleAlways, the past endures…

Twenty years ago, Mark David Major wrote three plays in a burst of creative activity over a three-year period. The first of these plays, The Persistence of Memory, premiered during a short, successful run at a historic St. Louis area theatre in May 1992. Twenty years later, the author revisited and updated these plays so they could be discovered by a new generation of readers and patrons of the theatre in The Persistence of Memory and Other Plays. The plays of Mark David Major perfectly embody the didactic nature of Generation X at its best and worst on the themes of romantic love and emotional honesty. It is characterized by a purity of perspective tinted with a cynicism wise beyond its years and a raw emotionalism carefully veiled under a mask of social indifference. These plays give voice to an entire generation, the children of a revolution…

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The Persistence of Memory: Actors Edition
by Mark David Major

Cover Art by Rachael Harbert (
Paperback, English, 108 pages
Carousel Books, 2012
ISBN-10: 1475082541
ISBN-13: 978-1475082548

BISAC: Drama/General

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The Persistence of Memory | Actors Edition

  • The large-text format edition of The Persistence of Memory including character studies and a playwright's commentary is specifically designed for actors, directors, and theatre companies.

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