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Everyday_Objects_Cover_for_KindleEveryday Objects is the definitive collection of the poems written by Mark David Major (author of Mars Rising and The Persistence of Memory and Other Plays) over a 25-year period from 1987 to 2012. The book brings together previously published poems including beloved ones such as “Pale Bloom” and “Empty Words” and more provocative offerings like “God’s Feast” and “Purchased Inertia”.

Everyday Objects collects these together with a number of never-before-seen poems representing underground experiments in free verse, extended haiku structures, and what the author describes as “antithesis poetry”, whereby a new poem or additional stanzas are composed using antonyms, contrasting terms, phrases and/or clauses to generate a (sometimes radically) different interpretation on the subject. Everyday Objects represents a poet at the height of his powers in crafting language to create new meanings and poetic interpretations.

Everyday Objects: Collected Poems, 1987-2012 is available for purchase from CreateSpace, Amazon, Kindle, iBooks, and other online retailers around the world. Be sure to check the online store in your country/currency (USA stores available below). The iBooks version for the iPad is recommended for digital readers.

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