Author’s Update | April 2017

Author’s Update | April 2017
by Mark David Major

It has been awhile since I posted an “Author’s Update.” You might think this means there isn’t very much going on but nothing could be further from the truth. There is a lot going on. Much of it is in preparation of Routledge (aka the Taylor & Francis Group) publishing my academic book about American cities, The Syntax of City Space: American Urban Grids. Hey, wait! That’s news! Yes, the glacial pace of publishing the American cities book has finally sighted land. An official publication date is pending but I’ve been informed The Syntax of City Space: American Urban Grids (with Foreword by Ruth Conroy Dalton) ‘drops’ in Fall 2017. In preparation of this noteworthy event, I have completed a great deal work associated with my current fiction and non-fiction titles. Here is quick summary:

– Publication of the third and final volume of the Poor Richard series of almanacs for architects and planners (Poor Richard, Yet Another Almanac for Architects and Planners with Foreword by Andy Boenau) occurred in February 2017. Go here or here for more information and purchase your copy today!


Mars Rising re-issued in a Large Print Edition including the Illustrations by Jonathan Atkins with a
provocative new cover design in February 2017. Go here for more information and purchase your copy today!



The Persistence of Memory and Other Plays re-issued in a Large Print Edition with a provocative new cover design in February 2017. This edition pulls together the Actors Editions of the plays
including character studies and playwright’s commentary with the Preludes by Tena L. Griffin and Rory S. Beelek, Playwright’s Introduction, and 1992 production photographs of The Persistence of Memory available in the first edition. Go here for more information and purchase your copy today!


– New versions of all books specifically formatted for Kindle devices except for the children’s books (An Infinitesimal Abundance of Color and An Excessive Abundance of Curls), which are reserved for Apple’s iBooks. As a rule, I dislike the Kindle format because it is impossible to make the books look perfect but only make appear them ‘not bad.’ In any case, readers should find all of the books much easier to enjoy with the new formatting for Kindle devices. The books specifically reformatted for Kindle include: Poor Richard (Volumes 1, 2, 3), Mars Rising, The Persistence of Memory and Other Plays, Everyday Objects: Collected Poems, 1987-2012, and the Actors Editions of The Persistence of Memory, The Truth of Glances, and Song of My Childhood.


– I cannot specifically tailor the children’s books (An Infinitesimal Abundance of Color and An Excessive Abundance of Curls) for the Kindle format because Layce Boswell’s artwork requires that each edition, in fact, be perfect formatted. The necessary perfection is impossible with the Kindle format so digital readers will have to content themselves with the ‘perfect’ iBooks versions.


As a result, you might notice there have been a lot of updates to my author’s website at including transfer of a great deal of my older content available online at Goodreads (books reviews) and Rotten Tomatoes (film and television reviews) to my author’s blog. I have also produced updated 2017 Media Packets for all book titles on the Press page here.

In addition to this, I have a draft of a new, original one-act play entitled not Angels but Angles. I have been receiving comments from a friend: artist Rachael Harbert, whose artwork will again be featured on the cover. The text still requires significant revisions and I am mulling over some possibilities. One is transforming the play into a dramedy (drama+comedy) since the “pretentious” characters were driving Rachael “crazy” (her own words). I have a concept in mind to turn these pretensions of the characters around to my advantage in a more comedic format. However, the more I think about it, the more inclined I am to leave this story as a straightforward drama and revise the play into a novella (i.e. a short novel). I will make a decision soon since I plan to publish this work sometime in the next year.

I have also written more than 55,000 words and 12 chapters for a new science fiction/fantasy novel. I am keeping secret the title of the novel for the time being because it is really cool (at least, I think so). No, it is not the sequel to Mars Rising, though that novel (Mars Ascending) is never far from my mind. This novel represents a new story set in the future. At this point, I anticipate I’m only about halfway towards a full draft of the novel and it requires a lot of editing/revision on my part. It will probably be a third longer in length than Mars Rising. Perhaps even two books, we’ll see. It is still probably two years (more or less) away from publication.

Finally, before Layce Boswell moved to Japan to teach art and English, we did discuss the possibility of a third children’s book. She and I are keen on the idea of completing a trilogy of children’s books. However, at this point, I don’t even have a concept or story in mind. I’m waiting for inspiration to strike.

I’ll update you as I have more information but, believe me, this only begins to scratch the surface.

Mark David Major

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